Visual Storytelling/Concept/Illustration/Photo

Research and Reporting: Collaborated with Reporter/Historian to identify historic features, Interviewed grandson of restaurant founder and various employees, Wrote., organized, and edited text for the graphic; 3d modeling and texturing; Photo: Montage to create timeline, "Making Sweetness” process, Reference photos; Page design and layout;

Solo project for print (Best of Cox Award);

Group project for web:

Interview of Coca-Cola media reps, 3d modeling of 2nd and 3rd levels, 2d reference graphic for Coke bottle, Reference Photography, Writing/Editing

Team project of 3 visual journalists and Graphics Director who managed the project

Part of Concept team, Reference photography, 3d modeling and texturing

Team project of 3 visual journalists, an Illustrator, Graphics Editor and Assistant Graphics Editor;
Best of Cox Award/Team.

Concept, Attended community meeting for information gathering as well as working with the reporter to turn the story into an Alternative Story Form piece, Research and photo editing, Procurement of main image, Mapping, By the Numbers display and Chart creation, Page design/layout

Team project with reporter; Best of Cox Award

Concept; Reporting: Research, Interview of the technology company and local instructor who was utilizing the technology in the classroom, Writing and Editing; Art and Design: 3d modeling and texturing, Information Architecture, Design and Layout; Solo project

Concept, Research, Interview of gasification manager, 3d modeling/texturing, Reference photography, By-the-Numbers and charting, Design/Layout, Writing/Editing

Solo project

Research and Reporting, Process analysis, Illustration, Compositing of images, Editing, Design and Layout of infographic, Solo graphic

Research and interview of reporter, Process analysis, Illustration, Rendering of Model, Compositing of images, Editing, Design and Layout of infographic, Solo graphic

Research and interview of Subject Matter Expert, Process analysis, Information Architecture, Illustration, Editing, Design and Layout of infographic, Solo graphic


2d/3d infographics, illustrative, and graphic design projects


Researcher/Reporter, Illustrator/Modeler/Designer, Photo/Content Editor, Art Director


Various Editorial, Corporate, and Retail clients


Visual Storytelling, Photography and Photo editing, 3D/2D art, Design